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Welcome to my website! You can find here many details about the stream and the community! Hope you enjoy your stay! GOT_ME IS MIA :'(

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Represent your country in the Got_World_Domination

All you have to do to get in the army is to enter your twitch name and press the 'Represent your country' button! You'll also get 100 points when you click on this button!

* The system use your ip address to get your location but your ip address will never be used for anything else than get your location

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Twitch Bot


Whenever you're watching the stream, Got_MeBot will give you some points following the current rules

Stream is Online : 2 points each minute
Stream is Offline : 1 point each 10 minutes

If you want to earn more points you can do so by doing the actions below

  • Follow the stream to earn 50 points
  • Locate yourself on the website (section above) to earn 100 points
  • Ask for songrequest to get 5 points for each songs
  • Propose new ideas for the bot (commands/achievements)

New requests

Here are some of the requests that viewers have made and that will be added to the bot!

  • Create a new Raffle command
  • Create a trivia question system
  • Automatically check when someone donate money to the stream
  • Possibility to buy mystery skins with your points!

Patch notes

Patch 1.4


More effective !slots
You now have less chances to be taken for the !slots if you miss some of them!

This command allow you to check your current streak of betting. I made 6 differents messages depending on how many bets in a row you won. More to come soon!
Patch 1.3 (18-02-2015)


Add reward to all achievements
I added points reward for every achievements! If the achievement is easy to get, you'll get less points than a hard one!

Automatically detect when someone locate itself
The bot is now able to detect when a person use the locate system on the website! It'll add the achievement and the points!

Automatically start bet on new game
I'm quite happy about this one! The bot is now able to start a new betting session when Got_Me starts a new game (the betting session will begin shortly after he goes into the loading screen and will only works for Ranked game). The bot will also close the bets automatically.


I added a new section to the achievement table: Worth. This section will tell you how many points does this achievement will give if you complete it. Also, I added the number of viewers who has that achievement in the '% viewers' section and added a tooltip when you hover it with your mouse.
  • Guessed it
  • Knew it
  • Master prediction
  • Too good for the league
  • Golden chips
More to come soon!
Patch 1.2 (02-02-2015)


Every 6 minutes, Got_MeBot will choose a random viewer to try his luck with the slots machine. If you're chosen by the bot, you'll have to type !slots to activate the system (you have 1 minute to do so). Then, a random number will be generated to see if you'll win or lose some points (70% to win, 30% to lose). After that, another random number will be generated to determine in which scale you'll be. Here are the possible scales :

Note: Same scale for win and lose but points for lose are divided by 2
1-10 points => 40% chance
10-20 points => 25% chance
20-30 points => 15% chance
30-50 points => 10% chance
50-75 points => 5% chance
75-100 points => 2.5% chance
100-150 points => 1.5% chance
150-500 points => 0.8% chance
5,000-10,000 points => 0.2% chance


  • !achievements
  • !achievementscheck
  • !getachievements user
  • !bet choice all


I added a way to check for your achievements within the website with a search bar. When nobody is selected, it will display the pourcentage of viewers who have that achievements among all the viewers that came to the stream. If you select a viewer, it will highlight all the achievements this viewer has and it will also replace the pourcentage of viewers with the current progress this viewer have.
  • All in I
  • All in II
  • All in III
  • All in IV
  • All in V
  • Lucky Bastard
  • Loser
  • CD Player
  • Jukebox
  • MP3 player
  • iTunes library
More to come soon!
Patch 1.1 (26-01-2015)


Change the command !toppoints
I changed the command so now you can enter a number to specify how many viewers you want to see in the top points ranking!

Bet on games
You now have the posibility to bet on games and win a lot of points!

Points on song requests
Whenever you request a song, you'll be awarded with 5 points. You can only have 2 songs in the playlist at the same time.

Checking for new follower
I added the support to check for new followers automatically and award them with 50 points and the Follower achievement!

Achievement list
You can now win achievements by doing some actions with the Got_MeBot! In the next update, some achievements will award you with some points aswell!


  • !achievements
  • !achievementscheck
  • !getachievements user
  • !bet
  • !bet choice number


All the achievement list has been created on this patch.

More to come soon!


Command Description Cost (points)
!bet Display the bets you did for the current betting session
!bet choice all Does the same things as !bet choice number but will bet all the points you currently have All of them
!bet choice number Bet if Got_Me will win or lose the next game. If you win the bet, you'll receive twice the number of points you bet and a bonus of 10 points. choice is a choice between win and lose. number is the amount of points you want to bet. You gain more points if you don't miss any betting session. number
!betstreak It will display your current bet in a row streak.
!followers number Allow you to see the latest followers. number will change how many will be display
!giveaway Will display the information for the current giveaway
!hug username Allow you to hug somebody that is currently in the chat. username is the username of the person you want to hug
!masteries Display the link to Got_Me's masteries
!rank Display the current rank of Got_Me
!rankname name Display the current rank of name
!runes Display the link to Got_Me's runes
!streak Display the current winning/losing streak of Got_Me
!streakname name Display the current winning/losing streak of name
!getpoints user Allow you to see how many points the user have. user is the name of the user you want to see his points
!givepoints user number Allow you to give some of your points to another user. user is the name of the user you want to give the points to. number is the number of points you will give between 1 and the points you have number
!points Display the number of points you have
!toppoints number (optional) Display the current ranking for the points system. number is a number between 1-10. Default is 5
!shop Display the items you can buy in the shop
!shop situp number (optional) Got_Me will have to do situps! number is a number between 1-50. Default is 1 75/each
!shop pushup number (optional) Got_Me will have to do pushups! number is a number between 1-20. Default is 1 100/each
!shop pullup number (optional) Got_Me will have to do pullups! number is a number between 1-5. Default is 1 500/each
!shop rpticket number (optional) You're buying another chance for the 10$ rp giveaway! Got_MeBot will generate a new random number, if it's 777, you win! number is a number between 1 and 50 1,000/each
!shop shot number (optional) Got_Me will have to take a shot! number is a number between 1-5. Default is 1 3,000/each
!shop bringsallyup Got_Me will have to do pushups on the song Bring Sally Up! 10,000
!shop slender Got_Me will have to play a game of Slender Man: The Arrival! 20,000
!buyticket number When a raffle is open, you can buy tickets to participate in it. You can only use this command once per raffle. number is a number between 1-10 10/each
!songlist Will display the link to the songs that are currently waiting for the songrequest
!songrequest Video ID When songrequest is on, you can request for a song from youtube. Video ID is the part "?v=XXXXXXXXXXX" from the url of the the video. It will also work with the complete video url Give 5


trahanqc has the most achievements with 49
Name Description % viewers Worth
Follower Follow the channel 71.35 % (1315) 50 points
Google sees you Locate yourself on the Website 3.85 % (71) 100 points
Feeling lucky Win your first bet 7.16 % (132) 10 points
Sunday gambler Win 10 bets 0.81 % (15) 20 points
Superior gambler Win 25 bets 0.22 % (4) 50 points
Addicted Win 50 bets 0.11 % (2) 100 points
Guessed it Win 3 bets in a row 1.30 % (24) 25 points
Knew it Win 5 bets in a row 0.22 % (4) 50 points
Master prediction Win 7 bets in a row 250 points
Too good for the league Win 10 bets in a row 500 points
White chips Bet 1,000 points 2.33 % (43) 10 points
Green chips Bet 5,000 points 1.14 % (21) 20 points
Red chips Bet 10,000 points 0.87 % (16) 25 points
Blue chips Bet 25,000 points 0.60 % (11) 40 points
Black chips Bet 50,000 points 0.43 % (8) 50 points
Golden chips Bet 100,000 points 0.22 % (4) 100 points
Copper coins Win 5,000 points from bets 1.36 % (25) 10 points
Golden coins Win 25,000 points from bets 0.54 % (10) 25 points
Casino royale Win 100,000 points from bets 0.22 % (4) 100 points
All in I Go all in for a bet while having more than 1,000 points 1.36 % (25) 25 points
All in II Go all in for a bet while having more than 2,500 points 0.87 % (16) 50 points
All in III Go all in for a bet while having more than 5,000 points 0.71 % (13) 100 points
All in IV Go all in for a bet while having more than 10,000 points 0.38 % (7) 150 points
All in V Go all in for a bet while having more than 25,000 points 0.16 % (3) 250 points
Friend of Got_Me Donate 10$ or more to the stream 0.22 % (4) 100 points
Bestfriend of Got_Me Donate 50$ or more to the stream 0.11 % (2) 250 points
Sugar daddy Donate 100$ or more to the stream 0.11 % (2) 500 points
Small lover Give 25 hugs to other persons 10 points
Moderate lover Give 50 hugs to other persons 0.05 % (1) 25 points
Huge lover Give 100 hugs to other persons 50 points
Calinours family Give 250 hugs to other persons 150 points
Hugger Receive 10 hugs from other persons 0.22 % (4) 10 points
Companion Receive 25 hugs from other persons 0.11 % (2) 25 points
Secret confident Receive 50 hugs from other persons 50 points
Attention whore Receive 100 hugs from other persons 150 points
Small economy Accumulate 1,000 points 4.50 % (83) 10 points
Modest economy Accumulate 5,000 points 1.47 % (27) 20 points
Growing economy Accumulate 10,000 points 0.87 % (16) 40 points
Huge economy Accumulate 25,000 points 0.43 % (8) 75 points
Selfish Accumulate 50,000 points 0.16 % (3) 150 points
Friendly Give 1,000 of you own points to another user 0.98 % (18) 20 points
Friendly drunk Give a shot worth of points (3,000 points) to another user 0.60 % (11) 25 points
Charity Give 10,000 of you own points to another user 0.38 % (7) 50 points
Apprentice merchant Spend 1,000 points in the shop 0.54 % (10) 10 points
Casual merchant Spend 2,500 points in the shop 0.54 % (10) 20 points
Experience merchant Spend 5,000 points in the shop 0.33 % (6) 25 points
Expert merchant Spend 10,000 points in the shop 0.11 % (2) 50 points
Master merchant Spend 25,000 points in the shop 0.11 % (2) 100 points
First buy Buy your first item in the shop 1.52 % (28) 10 points
Little buyer Buy 5 items in the shop 0.38 % (7) 20 points
Moderate buyer Buy 25 items in the shop 0.16 % (3) 25 points
Huge buyer Buy 50 items in the shop 0.16 % (3) 50 points
Random slots
Lucky Bastard Win/Lose against the odds (you have 0.2% chance to get it) 0.16 % (3) 100 points
Loser Win/Lose 1 point from the slots 2.28 % (42) 10 points
CD Player Ask for 10 songrequests 0.60 % (11) 10 points
Jukebox Ask for 25 songrequests 0.22 % (4) 25 points
MP3 player Ask for 50 songrequests 0.05 % (1) 50 points
iTunes library Ask for 100 songrequests 100 points


Donations are really important to me and if you want to support me to stream more often or buy higher quality equipment, you can donate! Also for every dollar ($) you donate, you'll be awarded with 250 Got_MeBot points! (Sadly, it isn't automatic right now, so tell us in chat!)

0 - 10$ : 250pts for each $
10$ + : 300pts for each $
For this donation amount you will get : 0 points